Druze people of Suwayda thank the SDF and YPG

Druze Islamic Sect Spiritual Leadership has issued a message of thanks to the SDF statement on the release of arrested gang members in return for the people abducted by ISIS from Suwayda.

Druze Islamic Sect Spiritual Leadership Representative Shêx Hikmet Selman Al-Hijrî issued a statement on the SDF stating that they are prepared to release ISIS prisoners in return for residents of Suwayda abducted by gangs and to aid the people of Suwayda. The Spiritual Leadership statement thanked the YPG (People's Defense Units) and SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces).

The statement includes the following:

“As the Druze Islamic Sect Spiritual Leadership we wish you peace and express our heartfelt loyalty to you as women and men of Suwayda who want peace. We are all fighting in the same front for our dignity, and we drink from the same well.

What we have read on your leadership, success and history has strengthened our bond. In the statement you issued yesterday, what you said about the abduction, rape and murder our citizens have faced is a sign of the bond between us.

We are all following intently the struggle to liberate Afrin from evil and the Turks.

The approach you have put forth and your proposal is a sign for your dignified stance and is a great virtue in the eyes of Allah. As we know very well that you want peace and fraternity for peoples, we say we are not surprised seeing your dignified stance.

Lastly, we would like to offer our thanks for your efforts of great value, and we wish freedom for women and children abducted by ISIS. It is our prayer to Allah that all abducted Syrian citizens are free, and all sects and constituents are united under the umbrella of fraternity. We believe that Allah won’t let our prayers and efforts go in vain, and reward us with the return of the hostages.”