Duran Kalkan says Kasım Engin Revenge Operation to be launched

Duran Kalkan, PKK Executive Council member, paid tribute to Kasım Engin, a member of the PKK Central Committee, who fell martyr following an airstrike by Turkish warplanes on 27 May in Bradost.

Duran Kalkan reminded the 35 years of struggle and commitment of Kasım Engin and said: “I believe that the next process will be developed as the Kasım Engin Revenge Operation. All youth and women, our patriotic people and friends, all revolutionary democratic powers, our party and guerrilla leadership, will destroy the AKP-MHP fascism in every field and throw it into the bin of history. With such an operation, fascism will be destroyed, we will win, our people will win.”

Kalkan underlined the “pain and anger of both the Movement and the people for the loss of Kasım Engin. The memory of Kasım Engin comrade will always live, his goals will be achieved. This militant, who has dedicated his life to the freedom of the Kurdish people and humanity, must be understood and honoured. Comrade Kasım Engin was a militant who devoted his life to the struggle for freedom. He was a public leader, an artist, he was an accomplished athlete. He was a revolutionary militant who was always ready for any task.”

Kalkan added: “I call on a broader and stronger participation in our struggle for freedom to understand better the reality of Comrade Kasım Engin, to keep his memory alive and achieve his goals.”