Election fraud in virtually all provinces by the AKP - PART 2

For the Presidential and Parliamentary elections, the AKP-MHP has resorted to fraud and violations in virtually all provinces and districts during voting.

Some of the violations and irregularities reported on in the media outside of the three major cities in Turkey are as follows:


- In the Suruç district, AKP's Urfa candidate Ibrahim Halil Yildiz, who was involved in the murders last week, and his bodyguards have been terrorizing people.

Yıldız and his guards went to the Atatürk and Cumhuriyet Elementary Schools and the GAP Anadolu High School. They first confiscated all phones in the schools, and then removed the ballot officers and battered officers from the HDP. Yıldız and his guards later went to the ballots and cast block votes in favor of AKP and Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

Afterwards Yıldız and his men attacked ballot officers from the HDP and party members in the Mehmet Akif Religious High School, Industrial Vocational High School and Hürriyet Elementary School. Officers and HDP members who objected to the violations in the ballots were attacked. A voter in the Girls Religious High School was stabbed by Yıldız's relatives.

Mesopotamia Agency reporter Arjin Dilek Öncel was threatened by AKP's Yıldız and his relatives as she was following up on news in these schools.

- Votes for HDP, Selahattin Demirtaş and Muharrem İnce were found in trash cans in the Suruç district.

- Videos emerged of block votes cast in favor of AKP and Erdoğan.

- In the Bolatlar and Vize neighborhoods of the Akçakale district, citizens were prevented from voting for any party other than the AKP, voters were not given stamps and voting slips and forced to vote out in the open.

- Power went out in the Karaköprü and Eyyubiye districts.


- Votes stamped for the AKP were discovered in the Zeyrek village of the Kulp district. Fights broke out when citizens objected, and one ballot officer was seen with a weapon as soldiers and village guards patrolled schools.

- Fatma Güneş who was officially appointed to the only ballot in the Kuşyolu Vocational High School in the Bağlar district was not allowed near voting grounds by the ballot committee chair.

- HDP members in the Yunus Emre Elementary School were threatened with arrest by the police and were not allowed near the ballots they were appointed to.


- Police in the EREK TOKİ Elementary School in the Bostaniçi neighborhood of central Ipekyolu district didn't allow witnesses in. The police dismissed the objections as they "had orders".

- In the Beyaslan village of the Saray district, the gendarmerie prevented villagers from voting. AKP District Chair patrolled the ballots in the district accompanied by the gendarmerie.

- Citizens were kept waiting by the exits of villages as they were trying to go to the villages of Özalp and Çaldıran districts where the ballots had been moved to. Soldiers kept the citizens waiting for "search and control".

- Soldiers surrounded the Feraşin region between the Gürpınar and Beytüşşebap districts due to an "operation", and prevented the villagers from voting.

- Armed village guards kept watch over the ballots in the Çatak district.

- The police didn't allow people to watch the counting of the votes in the Yavuz Selim Elementary School in the Iskele neighborhood of the Tuşba district. Citizens were forcibly removed.

- Police in the Kevenli Religious High School in Karşıyaka, İpekyolu prevented the citizens from watching the counting of the votes.


- In Horasan, AKP's Mayor Kadir Aydın's men were captured on video stealing votes. Voting was cancelled in ballots where empty slips were seen stamped for the AKP.

- In the Şair Nefi Middle School, the committee chair of ballot no.1353 was seen confiscating ballot reports.

- Fake witness cards that gave "full access" and were made to look like they were issued by the Ministry of Interior Affairs were seen throughout the city.

- Human Rights Association (Insan Hakları Derneği - İHD) members Yavuz Karabudak, Sertaç Öztürk and Erdal Özakçıl were detained in the central and Tekman districts as they were on monitoring duty.


- One man who turned out to be a member of the Toroslar District Electoral Board was prevented from entering the Çağdaşkent Anadolu High School with many envelopes and two stamps.


- In the Seyhan district, the police forcibly removed citizens from the Fatih Terim Anadolu High School and armored vehicles surrounded the school yard.

- By the ballot no.2370 in the Çukurova districts, a group of people made propaganda for the Cumhur Alliance. The ballot committee chair didn't call the police and appeals were not accepted.


- In the Hasköy district, an AKP voter recorded his fraudulent behavior as he stamped several voting slips.


- In the Farabi High School in Yüksekova, HDP witnesses were thrown out by the police. There were more police officers than citizens in the school, and the officers were seen threatening the people.

- In the ballot no.1193 in the Kamışlı village in Yüksekova, two soldiers held the door and intimidated voters arriving at the station.


- Schools were surrounded by soldiers and police in the Elmalı village and the OSCE observation committee was presented with obstacles.

- In the Elmalı village with a high concentration of village guards, the Elmalı Elementary School was surrounded by the police and soldiers and the Danish committee of election observers were not allowed to work.


- Atatürk Middle School and the Özel İdare Elementary School was surrounded by unmarked vehicles without license plates.


- Sabri Çağırga was battered by village guard Emin Nergiz as he went to the Istiklal Elementary and High School to vote.

- In Hilal town in the Uludere district, Feyzi Kara, who had the authority for complaints in the name of HDP, was attacked and hospitalized by relatives of AKP's mayor Cafer Benek who wanted to vote in the name of other citizens.


In the Zor, Gülpınar and Islam villages in the Karakoyunlu district, AKP administrators voted out in the open. The AKP members were removed when citizens protested, and their votes were cancelled.

- In the Halfeli district, unstamped votes were discovered.


- In the Akziyaret village in Kızıltepe, the village headman didn't allow the citizens to vote and cast the votes himself, saying he "won't let the votes go to waste". The teacher on duty was battered and thrown out.

- Soldiers and the gendarmerie cast block votes in two schools where ballots were combined.


- Unmarked vehicles without license plates were seen in the Aşağı Okçular neighborhood in the Defne district.


- In the Fettah Tamince Vocational High School in the Hurma neighborhood of the Konyaalti district, several men allegedly handed in sacks full of votes to others in the school yard through the orange grove behind the school.

- Police officers in Antalya voted several times using photocopies of their 142 document (issued so they can vote in their place of duty instead of their census registration) .


- In the Hopa district, many ballots were sent ballot committee stamps that belonged to the Kemalpaşa district. When the witnesses objected, a report was filed and voting was halted, to be resumed after stamps were replaced.


- In ballots no.1093 and 1094 in the Derecik village of the Çayeli district, votes were cast out in the open and in place of citizens who didn't show up.


- The ballot committee chair of ballot no.1014 in the Mehmet Akif Ersoy Middle School in the Soma district attempted to remove CHP witnesses from the station but the witnesses refused to leave.


- AKP members attacked witnesses in the Uğur Mumcu Middle School in Gölcük.


- AKP's female members were seen making female citizens vote in a park in Bandırma.


- The election bags held in the Nevzat Erten Anadolu High School to be sent to 12 schools in the district were torn, and the protective seal on the envelopes and voting slips was broken.