Enviromentalist organisations condemn Turkish war against Rojava

A call for all democratic and ecological organizations to raise your voices for the people of Northeast Syria.

Dozens of organisations working on ecological and democratic future condemned the war that the Turkish government has unilaterally called on Northeast Syria. 

In a statement the organisations said: "This war has absolutely no legitimate justification, but rather is a crime and is deepening the war in the region in a very serious way. It is an invasion attempt which targets the democratic achievements of the Kurds, Assyrians, Arabs and others living together peacefully in Northeast Syria."

Recallined that "the first two days of the ongoing attacks show that the Turkish army also purposefully targets civilians and their livelihoods", the organisations added: "Water supply facilities, dams, electricity power plants and other infrastructure has been destroyed. The whole of the natural world, which hosts human society, is heavily impacted by air and artillery attacks. Dozen of projects for an ecological, democratic and gender liberated life, some of which have been established with the participation of many international people and civil society organizations, are also under threat. Once more we experience: war is a crime on people and on nature."

The enviromentalist organisations continued: "If the war of the Turkish government on Northeast Syria, which is cleary a violation of international law, is not be halted, it will have catastrophic results and will solve no problems. We challenge all international organizations and governments who claim to be democratic to speak up against this war."

The statement ended with a "call on all democratic and ecological organizations to raise your voices for the people of Northeast Syria, join and organize public democratic actions, and immediately demand that politicians take all steps possible to halt this brutal war against innocent people, democracy and nature!"

The first signatories of the call are:

Mesopotamia Ecology Movement, North Kurdistan/Turkey

Make Rojava Green Again, Rojava

Internationalist Commune, Rojava

Waterkeeper Iraq

Civil Development Organization (CDO), National NGO, Iraq

Save the Tigris Campaign, Iraq

Iraqi Civil Society Soloidarity Initiative (ICSSI), Iraq

Movement of Dam Affected People (MAB), Brazil

Movement of Dam Affected People from Latin America (MAR), The AmericA

Ende Gelände, Germany