Erdoğan’s Ottoman gang ‘Osmanen Germania’ banned in Germany

The German Interior Ministry has banned the pro-Turkish government Ottomans from Germany gang, who have been on the agenda for organized crime. The ministry said the gang poses a “severe danger” to individuals and the public.

German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer announced that they are banning “all activity” for the Osmanen Germania (Ottomans from Germany), the gang organization with ties to the Turkish state that operated under the disguise of an association, and all groups related to them.

The Interior Minister issued a written statement and said the gang in question poses a “severe danger” to people’s lives, property and freedom and public safety in general.

The decision was based on the associations act in German law, and stressed that the Osmanen Germania’s activities and purposes have violated criminal law.

According to the ministry statement, raids were conducted against gang members on Tuesday in the Rheinland-Pfalz, Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria and Hessen states. The ministry announced that the gang was organized in 16 cities in various regions of Germany.

The ministry said the gang was banned as a result of the investigation that ran throughout the month of March. The announcement came one day after the ceremony in Turkey marking the changing of the regime.

Minister Seehofer said the Osmanen Germania gang “has committed severe crimes” and added: “Whoever rejects the rule of law will see no tolerance from us.”

Gang members are accused of attempted murder, blackmail, drug trade, forced prostitution and abduction. The North Rhine-Westphalia Interior Ministry had announced a while ago that the Osmanen Germania were gangs with ties to the AKP and Erdoğan’s inner circle.