Events all over the world to remember Shengal

The genocide carried out by ISIS against the Yazidi on 3 August 2014 in Shengal, was commemorated in many cities throughout the world. 

From Germany to Australia, from the UK to Belgium, many demonstrations were organised to commemorate the victims of ISIS.


The ISIS genocide against the Yazidi was commemorated in Hamburg. Leyla Kaya read the statement during the protest on Monckeberg Street. The event was promoted by the Rojbin Women's Assembly in Hamburg.

Speaking on behalf of the Yazidi women, Adalet Amed reacted to the silence of the world, noting that women and children were the most affected by the genocide.

Representative of the Political Women's Movement Against Violence against women (Black Community), Oloruntoyin La Toya Manly said that violence against women can only be prevented by struggle.


An action was also held in Cologne. Organized by the Viyan Women's Assembly in Cologne, the action began at 11 am.

During the protest in Bahnhofvorplatz, photographs documenting the massacre were carried by activists. 

Aveg-KON also supported the action as well as the Riseup4Rojava campaign organized in 18 countries of the world including Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Sweden. The Young Woman Movement of Cologne Zora and the anti-capitalist Young Stroung, who defended the Rojava Revolution, were also present with their flags.

Speakers reminded of the thousands of women and children kidnapped and murdered by ISIS.


Kurds living in and around Kassel also commemorated the Yazidi killed in Shengal. Kurds were met by the priest of the Protestant church Markus. 

The priest said: "I will say two prayers. One for the murdered people of Shengal and the other for those who sacrificed their lives to save them."


The fifth anniversary of the massacre in Shengal commemorations were held in Essen and Giessen.

The commemoration of the Shengal victims of ISIS was promoted by the Kurdistan Democratic Society Center in Liege.

The event ended with a theatre performance remembering the genocide.


In Sydney, Australia, a commemoration event was organized for the victim of the ISIS genocide.

The action was promoted by the DKTM and was held in Sydney Town Hall Square.

Kurdish women tied their hands in chains and held a moment of silence for women and children who were murdered and kidnapped in Shengal.

The Aboriginal religious leader Uncle Bruce gave a short speech expressing solidarity with the Kurds.

Peter Left, a writer with Green Left Weekly and Socialist Women's Union spokesperson Pip Haner spoke at the event while YJŞ commander Viyan Hebabi attended the event via Skype. Hebabi said: "Those who wanted to erase us from history have disappeared."


An event to commemorate the Yazidi murdered in Shengal was held in Camden Town, one of the busiest borough of London. Speakers also condemned the attacks carried out by Turkey against Rojava and South Kurdistan.

The London Roj Women's Assembly and the Kurdish People's Assembly also organised a theater performance.