Explosion in arms dealer's place in Idlib: 39 dead

The explosion allegedly occurred in the store of an arm dealer

As a result of the explosion in an ammunition store in Idlib, 39 people, 12 of them children died, while at least 45 were injured. 

Authorities say a large number of people are missing too.

According to the Syrian Human Rights Watch, which made a statement on the subject, it was not yet known what caused the explosion.

Soldiers were sent to the scene to try save and rescue survivors. Special teams use bulldozer to remove the debris.

The facades of the buildings near the store where the explosion were severely damaged too.

Rami Abdel Rahman, director of the Syrian Human Rights Observatory, said the explosion occurred in the house of an arms dealer. Rahman also emphasized that the person in question is a member of Tahrir al-Sam mercenary group.

It was also understood that the majority of the victims were from the mercenary family.