Families of prisoners on hunger strike in Ereğli jail thrown out of campus

Families, who met with the prisoners on an indefinite and non-alternating hunger strike in Ereğli prison, were forcibly thrown out of the prison campus without being allowed to meet with the prosecutor.

Dozens of political prisoners in Konya Ereğli High Security Prison went on a 10-day indefinite alternating hunger strike on 4 October.

The strike has been going on indefinitely and irreversibly since 16 November. Three more prisoners joined the strike on 1 December.

After meeting with the prisoners on hunger strike, the families requested a meeting with the prosecutor.

However, prison officers forced the families out of the prison campus.

The families stated that the situation of the prisoners they met was not good and added: "After the visit, we wanted to convey our request to meet with the prosecutor and the director of the prison. A prison officer told us to wait and that he would convey our request to the prosecutor. After waiting for a while, the same officer told us that they were in a meeting and that we could not meet today." .

According to the information provided by the families, the guards told them, "You can leave the campus and wait in front of the door if you want."

The prisoners' families said: "More than 40 detainees are on hunger strike and they won’t call it off until their demands are met."