Families of Soma mine disaster victims march for justice

Families of 301 miners who lost their life while working ask for justice.

Families of the Soma miners who lost their life while working, thought justice was not done and are marching to the Council of Judges and Prosecutors (HSK) in capital city Ankara.

The trial to punish the responsible of the Soma mine disaster has not done justice to the dead. The families of the 301 miners who died in the disaster said that the sentences given were light and did no justice.

"We will get justice”, said the families who have been marching from Soma Cemetery, where the 301 miners are buried.

The families are marching with a bit of earth from the graveyard and a handful of coal in their hands.

"We will bring justice to the surface"

The march route includes Çanakkale, Silivri and Zonguldak before getting to Ankara.

The families have been urging all parties to support them in their denounce of the “a crippled justice” and said they will continue their struggle until justice is done.

The defendants on trial to give an account on the massacre were given sentences ranging from 15 to 18 years for “involuntarily causing murder”.

After the court's decision, the families decided to march to the Council of Judges and Prosecutors in Ankara.

The Soma disaster occurred on 13 May 2014.