Family takes remains of their guerrilla son after a wait of 116 days

The remains of HPG guerrilla Kaya Musalo from Rojhilat, who fell a martyr in clashes with the Turkish army in the Anîtos area of Colemêrg in August, were given to his family 116 days later.

Guerrilla Kaya Musalo (Kawa Ewrim) fell as a martyr in clashes that broke out on 8 August in the Anîtos area of Colemêrg's Kato Marînûs region.

Musalo's remains were given to his family after a wait of 116 days. Upon receiving the news three months ago, family members came to Colemêrg and applied to the Hakkari Chief Public Prosecutor's Office.

After the blood samples were matched, the Hakkari Public Prosecutor's Office allowed the family to take the remains.

Musalo's family was thus able to recover the remains of their son, who were buried in the "Cemetery of the Orphans", under police blockade, and set out for Van.