Former Colombian FARC guerrilla killed in Cauca

Dago Hernán Galíndez Chicangana, a former FARC guerrilla who had laid down arms has been killed.

Former FARC guerrilla, Dago Hernán Galíndez Chicangana, was found dead with mulitple bullet wounds. His killing adds is the latest act of a growing violence as Colombia’s regional elections near.

Regional elections are indeed to be held on Sunday 27 October. 

FARC Senator Carlos Alberto Lozada, condemned the killing: "Our comrade, Dago Hernán, who we knew as Eduard, who accompanied me for several years was murdered in Patia, south of Cauca. Peace be on his grave. President Ivan Duque, you are killing the peace before your eyes yet you say nothing."

The FARC party in Cauca say that the former fighter had been in a reincorporation zone where former guerrillas try to build a new life after the Peace Agreement signed on 24 November with the government. Hernán was in the department of Tolima and then moved to work in the municipality of Sucre in Cauca in coffee cultivation.

Since the beginning of the electoral campaign, between July 27 and September 16, two candidates have been kidnapped, five have been victims of assault and seven have been killed, according to the EOM, an independent platform of social organizations that promotes the exercise of civil and political rights.

Over 160 former FARC guerrillas and at least 627 social activists killed since the 2016 Peace Agreement was signed in Havana. The FARC have repeatedly accused the government and right-wing paramilitaries of violating the peace agreement and continuing on the path of violence.