Former mayor of Cizre denied medical treatment in prison

Former Mayor of Cizre, Aydın Budak, jailed in Silivri Prison, has been denied medical treatment and placed in the same ward with prisoners from the Gülen Movement.

Former Mayor of Cizre Municipality, Aydın Burak, who is imprisoned in Silivri No.7 Closed Prison Ward No. 5B, has been suffering from health problems. It is reported that Budak, who has been in need of dental treatment for 8 months, cannot receive treatment. He lost his fillings and has difficulty eating.

According to available information, Budak has been suffering from numbness in his left hand which can hardly function physically due to stomach surgery in the past. Despite his health issues, the politician has not been treated. On the other hand, he was placed in the same ward with the prisoners prosecuted in the scope of the investigation against the Gülen Movement.

The Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) MP Nuran İmir brought the situation of Budak to the parliament’s agenda, submitted a parliamentary question to be answered by Minister of Justice Abdulhamit Gül, and submitted a motion concerning the situation of Budak to the Parliamentary Human Rights Commission.

Deputy İmir’s parliamentary question includes the following:

“*Is the Ministry of Justice informed of the political prisoners placed in the same wards as the FETÖ [Fethullahist Terrorist Organisation] prisoners? On what grounds are political prisoners put in FETÖ wards?

*Are you informed that former Mayor of Cizre Municipality, Aydın Budak, has been suffering from serious health problems? Do you consider taking any urgent measures?

*Will you launch an investigation into the health condition of Aydın Budak who had stomach surgery, lost his fillings and has been denied physiotherapy for over a year?

*On what grounds is Aydın Burak denied release despite his conditions not being convenient to stay in prison?

*Do you consider taking immediate action to enable the treatment of Aydın Burak who has difficulty eating due to dental problems, suffers serious health problems due to his stomach disease, and suffers from physical dysfunction in his left arm?”