French Communist Party: Turkish regime resorts to barbaric actions to achieve its criminal goals

The French Communist Party condemned the invading Turkish state’s attacks against Rojava.

The French Communist Party (PCF) released a statement denouncing the invading Turkish state's attacks on Rojava.

“The Turkish government has long been seeking to launch an attack against the Syrian Kurds before the presidential elections which seem to be challenging for the Republic of Turkey. Having brought his country to the verge of bankruptcy, Erdoğan blamed the PKK and the PYD, which condemned this terrorist act, for the heinous attack in Istanbul. Ankara had acted in a similar way when it ordered the murder of three Kurdish activists in Paris. This regime resorts to barbaric actions to achieve its criminal goals,” the statement said.

“The latest attack comes after months of repeated attacks against the Kurds in South Kurdistan and Syria, sparking a new regional conflict and contributing to the resurgence of the Islamic State.”

The French Communist Party (PCF) condemns the Turkish bombing of North Syria and expresses its full solidarity with all Kurdish democratic forces,” the statement concluded.