From Sofia to Kurdistan: No Pasaran!

Antifascists in Bulgaria protested against nazi march and sent solidarity greetings to people in Rojava resisting Turkish fascim.

Anti-fascists in Sofia protested against the Lukov-'march' and sent greetings to the people of Rojava. 

The activists said: "Solidarity to the comrades fighting for freedom in Northeastern Syria and to those resisting repression by the state of Turkey! Berxwedan Jiyan e - съпротивата e живот!"

Lukov was a Bulgarian general supporting the Nazis who got killed in February 1943 by two members of the anti-fascist resistance. One of them was Violeta Yakova, a jewish communist and fierce resistance fighter, who died while she was resisting Bulgarian secret service and police forces in the following year.

Every year, fascists from around Europe gather in Sofia to mourn their Nazi "hero". For the first time this year, they were not allowed to march by state authorities.