German activist: I will continue to demand freedom for Ocalan

A Munich court issued 80-year-old peace activist Claus Schreer a 2.800 Euro fine for waving a YPJ flag and holding a sign that says “Freedom for Ocalan”. Schreer said, “I will continue to demand freedom for Ocalan and wave the YPJ flag.”

80 years old Claus Schreer is a famous activist in Munich, Germany. He was part of the movement against Germany’s armament during the ‘70s and ‘80s and the anti-racist movement, and he led protests in favor of oppressed peoples. He waved a YPJ flag and held a sign that said “Freedom for Ocalan” with a photo of the Kurdish People’s Leader in a protest on February 17, 2018 against the Munich Security Conference.

The German activist was accused of “propaganda for banned organization PKK”, and his trial started last week in the Munich Administrative Court. The court issued a fine today in the second hearing. Schreer was sentenced to pay a fine of 40 Euro per day for 70 days, a total of 2.800 Euros, and the court argued that Claus Schreer “knowingly committed a crime”.

The court alleged that Ocalan photos, YPJ flags and the demand to end the PKK ban is PKK propaganda, and argued that Schreer knows these constitute a crime according to the law. German peace activist Claus Schreer and his lawyer said they will object to the ruling and appeal at the higher court.


Schreer spoke to the ANF after the ruling and said the Bavarian court issued a classic verdict, and that the fine doesn’t surprise him. The German activist stated that, contrary to what the court alleged, it is not a crime to hold a photograph of Ocalan or a YPJ flag, or to demand freedom for Ocalan or an end to the PKK ban: “These are democratic demands, and if we live in a democratic country, they do not constitute a crime.”


The German peace activist said he will continue to voice the demand for Ocalan’s freedom and added that he had attended anti-Apartheid protests 40 years ago to demand freedom for Nelson Mandela. Schreer had given a similar testimony during the first hearing last week where he said:

“40 years ago I held a sign that said Freedom for Mandela with Mandela’s photo on it. 40 years later I do the same for Ocalan. Exercising all my legal rights, I will continue to campaign for Ocalan’s freedom. And, waving the flag of YPJ, the women’s units in Rojava Kurdistan, is certainly not a crime.

YPG and YPJ rescued tens of thousands of Yazidis from ISIS gangs in 2014. YPJ’s honorable resistance against ISIS has never violated international law. On the contrary, the Turkish army violated international law by their invasion of Afrin. The prosecution argues with nonsensical excuses that a YPJ flag constitutes PKK propaganda, and that that is a crime. Such bans and investigations encourage the despot Erdogan in his attacks within his country and against Syrian and Iraqi Kurds.”