Green Left Party conference delegates discuss isolation in Imrali

Green Left Party conference delegate Emir Ali Türkmen said: "We will carry out effective policies to solve the Kurdish problem and break the isolation imposed on Abdullah Öcalan."

The Green Left Party conference is discussing the future of the party in Ankara. The second day of the conference at the Nazım Hikmet Cultural Centre, began with delegate Emir Ali Türkmen, who made evaluations about the conference process and the path the party will follow in the coming months. Türkmen said: "The purpose of these conferences is to hold discussions and make decisions about how our line of struggle will be built in the coming period."

Türkmen said that the conference should take decisions on issues such as "organization, pluralist democracy, the fight against fascism and how their political lines will be. As a result of these discussions, we will identify the party road map at the general congress of the Green Left Party. We will make a new start. We will do our best to ensure that the new building process of resistance and struggle in this territory continues strongly."

Türkmen said that the most important topics that come to the fore in all their work are the solution to the Kurdish problem through democratic methods and the systematic isolation imposed on Abdullah Öcalan. "We will have a wide range of policies and proposals for the democratization of Turkey and at the same time for the creation of a peaceful society. We aim to create a platform to present the policies and political words of Mr. Abdullah Öcalan, the main actor in the solution to the Kurdish issue, to society. For this reason, we are preparing to take a historical responsibility to break the isolation that continues systematically in Imrali."

The conference is attended by 800 delegates from all over Turkey and follows a women's conference of the party.