HBDH claims action in Izmir

HBDH Mazlum Tekdağ Revenge Militia carried out an action against the guards in Izmir. The militia said: "Now is not time for words, it is time for action."

The People's United Revolutionary Movement (HBDH) Mazlum Tekdağ Revenge Militia In said in a written statement: "At around 8.45 pm on September 22, an action was carried out against a car in which three guards were traveling in Izmir.”

HBDH Mazlum Tekdag Revenge Militia emphasized that "Erdogan fascism is now coming to an end" and added: "This is the time to deal the last blow to this rotten dictatorship. We welcome the KCK initiative “Time to ensure Freedom”. Uniting the struggle for freedom of the Kurdish people, justice and equality and the liberation struggle of Turkey's workers and laborers will strengthened us. Now is the time for action, not words!"