HBDH militia claims responsibility for action against police in Amed

HBDH militia carried out an action against the police car in Amed.

In a written statement, the People's United Revolutionary Movement (HBDH) Engin Sincer Militia, said: "On the night of 17 August, at around 11pm, we shot the police in Amed. We attacked a police team car, which was passing along the Elazig-Amed road.

During the retreat after the first attack, we carried out a second attack on the police on the same road. After the successful sabotage action, we successfully left the action area as planned.”

The statement added: “We HBDH militias come from the heart of the people. We are here to hold accountable the fascism that has turned this world into hell. The exploitation policies of fascism produce nothing but hunger, poverty and death. Strikes, demonstrations and resistance are taking place everywhere. They try to prevent these resistances by giving instructions to the police from their fancy palaces. They are trying to prevent the rightful resistance of the people with the sworn enemies of the people, the police. If the police have been the eyes, ears and hands of fascism on the street, let it be known that we are the fighters of our people.”