HBDH: We will call the perpetrators of all massacres, including Suruç, to account

HBDH commemorated the martyrs of Suruç and said that “We invite people to join our united revolutionary forces and take action to make the dreams of 33 dream travellers come true”.

The Peoples' United Revolutionary Movement (HBDH) Executive Committee has issued a written statement regarding the Suruç massacre which claimed the lives of 33 young people standing in solidarity with Kobane after the historic defeat of ISIS.

The statement by HBDH Executive Committee reads as follows:

“Six years have passed since the Suruç massacre, which was one of the most brutal massacres in the history of Turkey. The Suruç attack, which took place as one of the first attacks of the collapse plan initiated by the AKP-MHP fascist alliance, represents a period in which the collapse plan has recently turned into the collapse of the fascist government.

After 6 years of unconventional special warfare tactics launched by the AKP-MHP-ISIS triumvirate, Rojava revolutionary forces and internationalist revolutionaries have defeated the ISIS which killed 33 dream travellers. They have brought the fascist alliance to a point of collapse through the united revolution struggle in the cities and mountains in recent years.


The Suruç massacre is one of the most comprehensive attacks against our united revolutionary struggle. Both the massacre that killed 33 comrades and the recent wave of attacks in southern Kurdistan, northern Kurdistan and Rojava have aimed at the elimination of the revolutionary forces.

This wave of attacks has also aimed at organizing a climate of fear that would serve fascism, silencing the working class and oppressed peoples, and criminalizing the street. The occupation and deepening of labour exploitation, increasing poverty and violations of rights are the outcomes of this process.

Our United Revolutionary Movement declared its establishment following the Suruç massacre in order to counter the attacks of the AKP-MHP fascism. The dream of 33 dream travellers is the motto of our united revolutionary struggle.

The period of fascist attack that started with the Suruç massacre points to a period of revolutionary advance that would bring fascism to account and destroy it. There has been a strong revolutionary struggle dynamic deriving from the martyrs of Suruç and all the massacres and destructions that took place in the process that followed. The united revolutionary movement of the peoples is the fuel of this energy, a catalyst for the revolution.


The AKP-MHP fascism regained the power with the Suruç massacre, but it will collapse very soon. We will defeat the fascist government as we defeated its proxy, ISIS. Justice for Suruç will be achieved through our united revolution victory. The fascist government is trying to revive the mercenaries-mafia-power mechanism it used in Suruç. The attacks on HDP, the murder of Deniz Poyraz, and the recent attacks on guerrilla areas and revolutionaries are signs of this. However, the peoples of Turkey and Kurdistan are now more determined and endorse our forces. They realized that the fascist government will collapse.

The People's United Revolutionary Movement has vowed to bring the perpetrators of the Suruç massacre to account. As part of our “We Will Destroy Fascism, We Will Win Freedom” revolutionary mobilization campaign, we will call the perpetrators of all massacres, including Suruç, to account and organize the united revolutionary struggle and victory.

We will destroy fascism with our united struggle for revolution and establish the power of the working class and oppressed peoples.

We invite people to join our united revolutionary forces and take action to bring the perpetrators of the Suruç Massacre to account and to make the dreams of 33 dream travellers come true.”