HDBH action targets PTT in Istanbul

People’s United Revolutionary Movement militias set fire to an ATM belonging to Post and Telegraph Corporation (PTT) in Eyüpsultan-Istanbul.

The ‘Justice for Workers Militia’ of the Peoples’ United Revolutionary Movement (HDBH) Unit carried out an action against a branch of the Post and Telegraph Corporation (PTT) in Istanbul.

HDBH released a statement including details of their latest action and said, “HDBH Justice for Workers Militias set fire to an ATM belonging to PTT located in Akşemsettin neighbourhood in Eyüpsultan, Istanbul on 13 July 2021 at night hours.”

‘’We will bury the state of bosses in the grave!’
The statement included the following:

“To enlarge their wealth and lead a life of luxury, the politicians of the government and their children do not only loot the national resources but also feed on the labour and blood of the workers.

Sons of AKP former deputy Binali Yıldırım and Mehmet Görmez, president of Religious Affairs Administration profiteered 223 million Turkish Liras.

Against this system which has been turned into a workers’ cemetery by the state of exploitation, justice will be achieved by the united struggle of the oppressed, not palaces. We, as HDBH militias and workers, are aware that liberation will be possible thanks to the unity of the workers’ struggle and Kurdish people’s fight for freedom. We call on all workers and labourers to join the united revolutionary struggle. We will bury the state of bosses in grave in both Turkey and Kurdistan.”