HDK on Russia-Ukraine conflict: The solution is international solidarity

HDK drew attention to the war policies of the states and stated that the solution is possible through international solidarity.

Peoples' Democratic Congress (HDK) Executive Board made a statement regarding the Russia-Ukraine war.

The statement said, "Russia's war against Ukraine is not a just war fought for people's independence and unity, but an unjust war fought by nations for sovereignty, dominance, expansionism, and colonialism. It is a military, economic, and political struggle following the collapse of the Soviet Union.  This conflict is still going. Despite the fact that they are at opposing sides in terms of recent developments, we have seen once again that the powers led by the United States, the United Kingdom, and the forces led by Russia and China will risk a new world war in order to gain hegemonic dominance in the world."


The following remarks were included in the statement:

"We reject the hostile and occupying attitudes witnessed in many parts of the world in recent years, particularly in the Middle East. We are witnessing the inconsistency of statist systems that talk about law and peace when it comes to matters beyond their own borders.

We do not believe that Russia's war program under the guise of a security threat, nor the approaches of the United States, which claims to be an apostle of democracy, are sincere. Looking at what has happened in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and Syria in recent history, we can see that the forces opposing each other are not fundamentally different.


Turkey is not exempt from this scenario; when denouncing Russia, they forget that they have been accused of violating international law in Cyprus since 1974. Similarly, it controls a large area in northern Syria with its military units; it builds many military bases in northern Iraq, on Kurdistan territory, and conducts attacks on various parts of these two countries; and, moreover, it protects elements of ISIS and Al Nusra/Al Qaeda, which the entire world considers terrorists, on the territory of Syria.

Again, let alone that they can serve as a mediator between Russia, and Ukraine; Erdogan regime revealed its own inconsistency as the owner of the "Canal Istanbul Project," which will actually nullify the Montreux agreement and serve to turn the Black Sea into a war zone with canal systems that will pave the way for the US to be stronger in the Black Sea and complement it.

As a result, the world's hegemonic imperialist powers or those that have become regional powers compete with each other in openly breaking international law. Lawlessness has replaced the rule of law, peace has been replaced by violence, and dialogue and diplomacy have been replaced by threats of nuclear weapons and beginning a World War, endangering all life on our planet and the existence of the world's peoples. As a result, the peoples pay the price for governments' pro-capitalist political hegemony, as is the case in Ukraine now. Furthermore, war policies are direct actors of an unlivable world, with the ecological destruction they create and the reality of peoples forced to migrate.

In light of this reality, we emphasize once again that we are in the struggle of the world's peoples for peace, justice, and freedom against the wars and occupations imposed by the capitalist, imperialist order of exploitation; we believe that the solution will come through international solidarity and the common struggle of the oppressed people.”