HDP's Bilgen: The new Government shows no change in policies

HDP group vice president said the one-man regime will carry on with the old war policies

HDP group vice president Ayhan Bilgen talked to ANF about the new government appointed by the newly elected and full powers-holder President Erdoğan. 

Bilgen said that indeed the one-man regime has not changed much given that the Interior Minister has not changed and the Chief of General Staff has become the Defense Minister. 

Two keys ministries which confirmed that the new government  will purse the old war policies which in fact will be further deepened, he said.

Bilgen added that the new cabinet reveals that the decisions will be taken looking at the market rather than politics. 

HDP Bilgen likened Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's cabinet to US President Donald Trump's cabinet. Yet, Bilgen added, in the US the President’s power can be contained by different institutions beginning with the Senate.

“Clearly - he said - it appears that the Turkish regime thinks to be living the American dream”. 

Bilgen remarked that the "new system" will be entirely concentrated in the person of Erdoğan. The two main objectives of this new system are clear when looking at the profile of the cabinet. 

Süleyman Soylu, who openly threatened and criminalized the HDP (Peoples' Democratic Party), has been confirmed the Interior Minister, revealing the AKP's and Erdogan's strategy until the local elections scheduled for 2019. “Clearly - said Bilgen - Soylu’s rhetoric has been awarded by Erdoğan".

Noting that Chief of General Staff Hulusi Akar has been appointed Minister of Defense, Bilgen pointed out that this is a further signal of the policy to be expected.

Bilgen also pointed out that if the "new system" may reduce bureaucracy, it also increases risks. "There is no participatory democracy here," he said, adding: “Bureaucracy is to be replaced by free market, the private sector."

Evaluating the appointment of Berat Albayrak as Treasury and Finance minister, Bilgen said that it is a choice that will no doubt lead to serious debates in the coming period in terms of both transparency and fighting corruption. 

Bilgen ended his remarks by saying that “the problems of Turkey go beyond the names of ministers. The State of Emergency, for example, can be lifted but the mentality which leads to its imposition will remain”.