HDP Co-Chair Sancar: Our will is stronger than ever, our path is clear

"We continue on our path with torches of truth in our hands, faith in our own righteousness in our hearts, and the unwavering support of our people, who are our greatest strength," said HDP co-chair Mithat Sancar.

The HDP Party Assembly met in Ankara under the leadership of co-chairs Pervin Buldan and Mithat Sancar. The latest political developments and attacks on the HDP will be discussed at the conference, and new-term projects will be prepared.

Speaking at the opening of the meeting, Sancar said, "During the summer, you all worked on the field. Our party's units made every effort in every field, and as a consequence, we released our “Call for Justice, Democracy and Peace Declaration". Its goal is to build Turkey’s future on the basis of democracy, equal citizenship, co-existence and freedom.

This declaration, which includes an appeal to all democratic forces in Turkey, served as our road map as well. After that, we went on to a new phase, which we are now completing step by step. The Call for Democracy Declaration is being implemented during this phase. We are now trying to decide our course with our people, starting from the grassroots, through meetings with the public, talks with tradesmen, consultations with non-governmental organizations, and conversations with opinion leaders, just as we did while formulating the proclamation."


Sancar also made the following evaluations:

"We're back in the streets, among our people. The main topic of discussion at this Party Assembly meeting is the issue of concretizing the Call for Democracy Declaration. We will later organize more committees and explain our path through debates and consultations in these committees. As previously stated, we have very clear aims, and we can claim to be the first party to openly communicate these goals with the people of Turkey. We have made our position known to the public.”


As a result, we believe that we have essentially put an end to the negotiations and speculations that have been conducted against us, and we are glad to discover that our declaration has been greeted quite positively by a substantial portion of society. Our purpose is to prepare the path for democracy in Turkey, to set the groundwork for peace in Turkey, and to establish equal citizenship in Turkey. We have no intention of placing these matters only in the hands of political parties, particularly the government. Only from below can lasting peace be achieved. Only on the foundation of such a created peace can a democratic future be built. Only such a peace can provide a fair and equal shared life.


We think Turkey is in multiple crises, and as HDP, we present the most comprehensive solution program to these multiple crises. The HDP is attempting to live up to its claim as the foundational actor in Turkish politics by doing everything in its power to meet its obligations. We know that this voice will be heard by the people and will contribute to the formation of Turkey's largest joint democratic struggle. Because the capacity to bring diversities together around core ideals has actually been the foundation of the possibility to live in a democratic society. As a result, this characteristic of ours, which is viewed as a negative by some, is also viewed as an opportunity to build democratic behaviour inside ourselves. The declaration's development process was perceived as a truly democratic procedure. We certainly have deficiencies, and there are things we need to work on. We also know that with this determination and common sense, we will compensate for our shortcomings. We are positive that by unifying our mind and will in the approaching era, we will tread this path with the greatest strength. We know that those who have turned their backs on us will have to pay closer attention to this voice from now on.


Turkey is possibly going through its most severe period of lawlessness in its history. Until now, they had been pretending to be following the law at least. In other words, even though they did not meet the standards of the law, they would try to justify it. But there is a limit to how far a despotic power, based on exploitation, pillage, and oppression, can go to contemplate the law, even for show. That maximum has now been reached. The closure case against HDP, once again, was the result of the same mentality. The government's junior partner (referring to the Nationalist Movement Party- MHP) not only waged an aggressive political campaign for a closure case against our party, but he also threatened the Constitutional Court at every chance. In the Kobanî Trial, the same procedure is used. We have six co-chairs among our friends on trial here. In other words, the administration operates with the goal of judging the entire HDP as well as the political tradition upon which the HDP is founded.

The government's junior partner, in particular, sees no danger in expressing this openly. Our lawyers are fighting these violations in the Kobani case. Perhaps the general population is unaware of the motive for these protests. It is our responsibility to inform you about this. The court has given our friends a week to defend tens of thousands of pages. The objective is to obstruct the defence. It is not, in fact, a defence. What our on-trial comrades do is to judge this government, the mentality that underpins it, and the order that supports that mentality. Again, the remark made by the government's junior partner the other day demonstrates the veracity of these comments without further verification. In other words, he offers the court specific instructions. So, why do they feel the need to be so direct? Because they understand that as long as the HDP exists, this government will perish. It is only through a determined struggle that this power and the attitude that fuels it can be demolished. They are aware of this, and the government's junior partner states it most explicitly.


A member of the Supreme Council of Judges and Prosecutors resigned and stated that 'I took this decision in collaboration with Bahçeli,' as he resigned. We need to see the construction of a reckless environment where a member of the Supreme Council of Judges and Prosecutors expresses that his decision for resignation was made in consultation with the head of the government partner. Of course, there are countless more examples. It is nothing more than an order to 'accelerate this trial as quickly as possible and liquidate the HDP no matter what'. Neither these courtroom scenes, nor other government persecution activities, or other attacks, can keep the HDP from its path.

The question of a broad democratic struggle alliance and its translation into a democracy easement for parliamentary elections in the event of need is now before us as a concrete program. Let us know that we are meeting with the people and consulting with all democratic forces to determine how we will walk, how we will form relations for the largest democratic alliance, and our rules. Because if we can accomplish this unity in the coming years, we will have a better chance of achieving a common desire of the peoples that will eliminate all obstacles to a fresh beginning, democratic reform, and peace. As I have stated, the time has come to concretize them, to transform them into a tangible road map. Your valuable Party Assembly opinions are crucial in this regard.

As you are aware, the detentions under the framework of these intimidation operations continue unabated. Every day, there is new news of detentions. Recently, operations were conducted in Diyarbakır, İzmir, Antalya, Ankara, and Mardin. Almost 30 of our friends have been detained. Representatives from our constituent parties, trade unionists, Peace Mothers and the Deputy Chairman of the Kurdistan Socialist Party, Bayram Bozyel, and our dear comrade, our dear brother, who was our deputy last term, Behçet Yıldırım, are among them. We will stop this arbitrariness.  

We continue on our path with torches of truth in our hands, faith in our own righteousness in our hearts, and the unwavering support of our people, who are our greatest strength. We shall continue to walk on this path, expanding and growing along the way. Again, all of our party's employees, as well as you and all of our friends in the other unit, will do this together. There is not the smallest tremor in our faith, nor is there any weakness in our hope. Our determination is stronger than ever, and our path is clear."