HDP delegation pays a visit to Beirut for a series of talks

An HDP delegation met with journalists, intellectuals, writers and politicians in Beirut.

A delegation of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP), consisting of deputy co-chairs Tülay Hatımoğulları and Garo Paylan, paid a visit to the capital of Lebanon, Beirut, and met with several journalists, intellectuals, writers and politicians.

During the visit, developments in Turkey, Lebanon, the Middle East and North Africa were discussed. Hatimoğulları and Paylan made a presentation on HDP's views and policies on a range of issues. The meeting during which other participants also shared their views was productive, according to the participants.


The repercussions of the ongoing war in Syria and conflicts in the region and the role of Turkey’s AKP-MHP government in the war, increasing unemployment, poverty, migration waves in the countries of the region, the developments in Lebanon, and the Kurdish and Palestinian questions were the key issues discussed during the meeting. The common struggle and solidarity that would go beyond the borders against problems and crises were emphasized. Some of the highlights of the meeting are as follows:

“Interest groups promote racism and nationalism in the region to pit religions, sects and peoples against each other.

The dirty games targeting the Middle East, an ancient civilization, must be frustrated by the solidarity and common struggle of the peoples.

The policies of the government in Turkey based on neo-Ottomanism and hostility towards the Kurds jeopardize both the peoples of Turkey and the region.

In the light of the latest developments, the establishment of a Kurdish-Arab brotherhood is of great importance to the region.

A democratic struggle against authoritarianism in the region is vital.

Recognition of beliefs, identities and cultural identities and securing of liberties will minimize the problems in the region and strengthen co-existence.

Establishment of a democratic nation and equal citizenship rights will provide significant contributions to the all-out democratization of the region.

Domination of the perspective on women’s liberation will be a key development for great changes in the region.

A democratic Middle East is no dream. HDP attaches great importance to democratic struggle and dialogue with the political and social circles in the region on these matters.”