HDP deputy Farisoğulları: Reject the AKP provocation

HDP deputy Musa Farisoğulları called on families to not "fall into the provocation games played the AKP and its police."

Farisoğulları issued a call after a group of police officers attacked Amed HDP provincial building saying that "the HDP took our children to the mountains". Families of soldiers and police under HPG custody also joined the attack.

HDP deputy Musa Farisoğulları talked about this police-orchestrated provocation and said that it was yet "another attempy by the AKP to discredit the HDP."

Farisoğulları underlined that the provocation in front of the HDP provincial building was part of the AKP's special war. "The worries of the disappeared families - he added - are correct, but their search should be made at the AKP's war offices, not in the HDP offices."

Farisoğulları added: "To discredit our party in the eyes of Turkey's society the AKP has resorted to such a political game. Our Provincial building is monitored by 24-hour police camera."

The MP continued: "Families attacked our building in front of cops and cameras and broke our windows. Despite this, the police did not intervene. They want to break the resistance against the trustees and criminalize our party."