HDP: Embargo against Maxmur must be lifted

HDP Amed Provincial President Zeyat Ceylan said that the people of Maxmur should not be punished because of the dirty war of the Turkish state and added that Basur government should lift the embargo.

The embargo imposed on Maxmur Camp came into force after the attack on a MIT executive in Hewler on 17 July last year.

People who had to settle from Bakur to Maxmur in the 1990s due to the attacks of the Turkish state on their villages have been under the embargo imposed by the KDP for 7 months.

Turkish President Erdogan has been putting pressure on the Basur government for a long time to close Maxmur Camp, which he considered a "terrorists camp".

HDP Amed Provincial President Zeyat Ceylan protested the embargo against Martyr Rustem Cudi Camp (Maxmur). Ceylan said that the people of Maxmur were victimized as a result of the dirty war carried out by the Turkish state, and emphasized that the people became refugees in their land.

"The people living in Maxmur had to settle in Maxmur because their villages were burned down in the 1990s. Maxmur was not their first camp. They changed many camps due to the persecution of the Turkish state."

Ceylan added: "We need to expose the war against the Kurdish people and the fact that our people are being punished. There are attacks in 4 parts of Kurdistan. These attacks are not only directed against a party and organization, tehy are against the Kurdish people. Sovereign powers target the Kurds in order to implement their war policies more easily. Therefore, we demand the lifting of the embargo against Maxmur. In particular, we call on Mr. Mesut Barzani to act. Because our people of Maxmur do not deserve this treatment. They are people who had to leave their houses and settle in Maxmur because of persecution."

Maxmur Camp is under UN protection

Reminding that Maxmur Camp is under UN protection, Ceylan said: "Maxmur Camp was created in 1998 by the United Nations (UN). The camp is under the protection of the Iraqi government. For the embargo and the siege to come to an end, the UN should step in, and demand the persecution of our people to end."

Need for national union

Emphasizing that there are attacks against the Kurdish people and their achievements not only in Bakur but in all 4 parts of Kurdistan, Ceylan said: "The war in Kurdistan has been going on for 40 years. Kurdish and Turkish, Kurdish and Persian, Kurdish and Arab should be able to live together, but first Kurds must create an alliance among themselves. If we are united we can defeat attacks and oppression."