HDP invites observers to the elections

“The 24 June elections will determine the future of democracy in Turkey”.

HDP Foreign Relations Department has published information in several languages ​​to invite delegations of observers to the 24 June Presidential and General elections.

The information, signed by the HDP (Peoples’ Democratic Party) Co-Chairs, Pervin Buldan and Sezer Temelli, recalled that the AKP-MHP alliance has decided to call for early elections, 15 months before the natural date, amidst growing political instability and economic problems. At the same time, the elections will be held with the country under State of Emergency, which will clearly prevent the normal development of the process, due to the several prohibitions linked to the State of Emergency.

Future of democracy is at stake

The Co-Chairs underlined that “the presidential election will determine not only who will direct Turkey for the next five years, but also whether the life of this country will enjoy democracy or not. Indeed, democracy is at stake”.

Especially after the 15 July 2016 coup attempt, “the AKP ruling party has progressively destroyed the already weak democratic institutions - said the HDP - moving towards an extremely authoritarian government”.

In fact, the AKP has virtually canceled the separation of powers. “There is not an independent judiciary - said the HDP Co-Chairs - and Erdogan has taken control of almost all media”.

Fraud and irregularities

The HDP recalled that previous elections have been stained by fraud and irregularities, as exposed by the various observer delegations that visited the country before.

The AKP-MHP coalition has recently passed an amendment to the electoral law, effectively legalising what was before considered irregularities in the process. Furthermore, Erdogan has used the 2016 coup to repress opposition and all those sectors within the society that critiziced his policies.

Thousands have been detained: democratically elected MPs and politicians, trade unionists, academics, students, artists, journalists, human rights defenders, civil society organization members.

This repression has heavily hit the HDP. Despite the repression on 16 April 2017, nearly half the population has said NO in the referendum wanted by Erdogan and won by a narrow margin. 

Winning is not impossible

Despite such a heavy environment, Buldan and Temelli pointed out that Erdogan hasn’t got victory in his pocket yet. Indeed, they said, “winning can be a huge challenge but is not impossible. There is much fear in Turkey, but there is also hope and people are struggling for a democratic future”.

The HDP statement ends by calling on domestic and foreign delegations of observers to be present on 24 June in every city and town.