HDP MP Uca calls for participation in Shengal memorial events

HDP MP Feleknas Uca calls for participation in the activities on the anniversary of the ISIS massacre in Shengal (Sinjar). On the sixth anniversary of the Yazidi genocide, actions are planned worldwide.

Feleknas Uca called for participation in the activities to mark the sixth anniversary of the ISIS massacre in Shengal (Sinjar). The Yazidi politician, who grew up in Celle, Germany used to sit for the Left Party in the European Parliament and is now a member of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) in the Turkish National Assembly.

On the anniversary of the massacre committed by the ISIS on August 3, 2014 in the Yazidi settlement area Shengal in northern Iraq, Uca recalled that between 5,000 and 7,000 women and children were abducted by the ISIS, thousands of people were buried in mass graves, 450,000 people were displaced and women were sold on slave markets before the eyes of the world public. According to Uca, about 3000 Yazidis are still in the hands of Islamists.

The people in Shengal building a new life

Uca pointed out that the ISIS massacre of the Yazidis has been recognized as genocide by many countries around the world. Turkey does not recognise the genocide, said the HDP MP and continued: "The people in Shengal have built up their own defence forces and are demanding official status for the region so that such a massacre is not repeated. We all have a responsibility to heal the wounds of this resistant people who are building a new life for themselves. It is our duty to recognize the genocide and support the struggle of this people."

Genocide and Femicide

Feleknas Uca demanded that August 3 be declared a "day of struggle against femicide". She called on people to take part in the commemoration events planned in many cities of Turkey and Northern Kurdistan on 3 August.