HDP MPs re-start sit-in in Amed

HDP MPs gathered for the third time today and launched another sit-in against the usurpation of the Amed municipality.

A group of HDP members including HDP MPs gathered on Lise avenue in the afternoon and launched another sit-in.

The police blockade around the municipality continues on the fourth day. The police closed off four streets that lead to the protest grounds.

Citizens who wanted to cross the barricades and support the protest were stopped. They are held by the police in backstreets and are supporting the sit-in with their chants.

HDP MPs had held a sit-in on Lise avenue in the morning and a press statement in the Ofis district afterwards.

The police attacked Wednesday’s protests harshly and battered several civilians, HDP MPs and journalists. Over 10 people were detained.

HDP’s Amed, Mardin and Van municipalities had been raided by regime forces on August 19 and mayors removed from office to be replaced by trustees. In parallel operations, over 400 people had been detained.