HDP-run Kiziltepe Municipality seized by the AKP-MHP government

The HDP-run Kiziltepe Municipality was seized by the AKP-MHP government and appointed a trustee.

The Turkish Ministry of Interior dismissed Nilüfer Elik Yilmaz, the co-mayor of the Kızıltepe Municipality in Mardin and appointed Hüseyin Çam, district governor, as trustee.

Co-mayor Yilmaz reacted to the usurpation of the municipality and since last night entrance to the town hall has been blocked.

Yilmaz wants to enter the town hall but is prevented from doing so by police. Co-mayor Yilmaz, said she wanted to be properly notified of her dismissal. Police said: "If there is any wrong doing, it will be solved, then you will be let in. Time will tell."