HDP’s Temelli: The Kurdish question is now a global issue

The solution of the problems in the Middle East will pass through the solution of the Kurdish question, said HDP Co-chair.

HDP Co-Chair Sezai Temelli spoke at the 19th General Assembly of the Human Rights Association (IHD).

Temelli said that the struggle for freedom and democracy of the IHD would add power and lead them, and continued: “When we look at the 32 years we left behind, we see that especially on 12 September [1980, the military coup] period we lost many of our friends. Vedat Aydın, Tahir Elçi, Mehmet Sincar and many others have lost their lives. Tens of our friends paid a very heavy price. They faced serious human rights abuses. I am paying respect and tribute to them all”.

Temelli added: “We have witnessed how the regime of the 12 September military coup was able to reproduce itself while we were trying to get rid of it. And then came the AKP. The AKP is actually building an authoritarian regime and does not leave the championship in human rights violations to anyone. We have become incapable of discussing democratisation issues”.

The HDP co-chair continued: “What we are living today is open and plain fascism. June 24 was a process in which this open fascism has been institutionalised. It is an obligation to come together side by side. It is no longer time to oppose each other. It is the time for all the opposition forces to come together against this force and be united. The Human Rights Association (IHD) teaches us this with its 32 years of struggle. If there is a violation of human rights in one place, if we do not stand against it, this would be a violation of the right of all”.

Remember the 4 November political coup in which HDP co-chairs Selahattin Demirtas, Figen Yüksekdağ and deputy Idris Baluken were taken into custody, Temelli said: “Politics was dealt a heavy blow. The situation we face today is that of politicians held hostage of a law interpreted with a vengeful understanding”.

Temelli then recalled the situation of the country: “Our friends have been held hostage for two years without a clear accusation, 96 of our municipalities have been denied their elected representatives and a trustee has been appointed by the State in their place, hundreds of municipal co-mayors and municipal councilors have been imprisoned. More than 6,000 party members are in prison. But their upright postures, their determination and commitment are strengthening us and we continue our struggle for human rights and freedom”.

Temelli once again reminded that the core issue is the Kurdish question. “The Kurdish question - he said - is the common part of all issues. The solution of the Kurdish issue would enable democratisation in this country”.

Indeed, said Temelli: “The Kurdish question is no longer a problem of this country but a global issue. The solution of the problems in the Middle East will pass through the solution of the Kurdish question. It is not accidental to see the Kurds at the center of these problems. The Kurdish question is decisive for the solution of the problems in the Middle East and the solution of global problems”.

Finally Temelli stressed that “Syrian peoples will decide the future of Syria. Likewise, Turkey’s people will decide the future of Turkey”.