HDP’s Temelli: Today is the time for a fresh start

The HDP co-chair presented the election manifesto.

Speaking at the press conference in Ankara to present the HDP election manifestos, co-chair of the party, Sezen Temelli underlined the main points o the party’s commitments with voters, 40 days before 24 June, elections day.

Temelli opened his speech by remembering everyone that “Today is ‘the right time to get a fresh start’. We come to open all the locks that have been put on democracy, economy, joy of life, emotion, the desire of people to live together without fighting, without conflict”.

Temelli reiterated that the HDP campaign and pledge is “to put an end to the one-man regime, social polarisation and hostility discourses”.

The HDP co-chair added: “On 24 June the palace will be emptied. There's a promise: if you are looking for a solution, the solution is HDP”.

Temelli reminded that “millions of young people in this country have not seen any other force in power than AKP government. Young people, give yourselves a chance, not us. We will change with you! Now is the time ... More than 40 million women live in this country. More than 40 million women are almost ignored! Women we call on you”.

Then Temelli called on “Kurds, Turks, Armenians, Alevis, Yezidis, Assyrians, Roma, Laborers, Women, Youth, Children ... You are not alone, HDP is here. Your voice has been silenced by the one-man regime is silent. We do not have armchairs in our winter palaces to lose, we don’t fear to lose our tax havens. The only thing we fear to lose is the trust of our people, who have never left us half way”.

Temelli strongly underlined that “Freedom is not a gift, but a choice. You cannot buy freedom, but you can free yourself”.

Temelli added: “The most important difference is that the HDP never makes concessions on the issues that constitute the backbone of this country, we promise an economic and social life based on social trust and democracy.  When the AKP attacked all opponents, beginning with Kurds, we did not fall into the blunt discourses of hate. We have continued our struggle with democracy and peace with our resolute stance and courage”.

The HDP will “promise you first of all a responsible government. When workers lose their lives in the work place, we will not blame the workers, saying they do not know the job well. When unemployment rises, we will not throw the blame on the people. When women are subjected to violence, we will not put the "angry husbands" reason in front of them and make sexism indisputable”.

Temelli acknowledging the difficult time Turkey has gone through under the one-man regime, said “It is time to initiate a process of normalization where all people, beliefs, laborers, women and young people together will build this new country, through democracy. In our manifestos - he added - we promise of repairing the damages caused by the State of Emergency (OHAL) with a social program. We will immediately remove the OHAL. You know, dictatorship is ruling in Kurdish cities. We will end this and return the institutions to the Kurdish people”.

Temelli added that the HDP will fight to get all politicians released. “A fair judicial system - said Temelli - will be put in place to ensure the release of sick prisoners”.

The HDP also promised a reform of the judicial system as well as ensuring that there will be no place for racists in the political structures, nor there will be place for homophobic and sexist”.

In order to renew the country, the HDP will establish mechanisms for transparency of governance and expenditure, public participation in governance and management oversight. “We will democratize the economy. - said Temelli - We will pass on the Social Rights Program. We will build a model of social growth that will deliver. All sectors, especially agriculture, will grow in peace with nature. We will end unemployment and poverty with the people's farms”.

One of the first steps to be taken, said Temelli “is to begin a process to write a democratic constitution. For us, the constitution is a contract aimed at ensuring the rights of the oppressed are guaranteed and at ending inequality, discrimination and poverty. The Democratic Constitution will be prepared with the participation of all social sectors in Turkey”.

As to governance, Temelli underlined that it will be based “on the parliamentary system concept reinforced by local democracy.  This to counter the center's domination with local, the state domination with society, the masculine mentality of domination with women, the capital domination with labour”.

His final words were dedicated to the damages made to collective memory by the AKP. “Our memories were locked within destruction and conflict. But Turkey belongs to the people, it has a strong memory of peace and democracy. The process we are proposing will also present the most important opportunity for the revival and growth of this memory”.

HDP Co-chair ended by thanking all those who have worked on the manifestos, “which also carries the power of being a co-collective process and product”.