HDP says 'Twin Family Campaign' helped over 75,000 families

The HDP had launched the ‘Twin Family Campaign’ to help families left in a difficult situation because of the coronavirus pandemic. The campaign ended with thousands of families helped.

The HDP-led ‘Twin Family Campaign’ Coordination announced with a written statement that the campaign ended and has been successful.

The statement said: "Within the scope of our campaign, we have established coordination committees in 57 provinces. We have identified a total of 75,274 families in need, both through our provincial and district organizations and through direct contact by the families themselves.”

The statement added: "We supported the delivery of parcels containing basic needs for 62,094 families in need, with the contributions of our local and international people who support our campaign for three months. 13.180 families were directly supported by the twin families".

The HDP said that the campaign had ended and thanked all those who joined and helped.