HDP: Stop the illegal military operation in South Kurdistan

The HDP called on the AKP-MHP government to stop the illegal military operations in South Kurdistan.

The HDP Central Executive Board issued a written statement underlining that “the concept and methods of problem-solving used by the ruling government and based on war and violence are the cause of the crisis experienced by the country. Despite this, - added the statement - the AKP government is insisting on war policies and thus is deepening the crisis in the country.”

The HDP called on the ruling power to put an end to this wrong policy and added that war is unresolved, the country and the society are left without a future, the country is wasting its resources and losses of life are increasing.

The HDP further said: “War is the wrong policy, insistence on wrong and death politics is to leave the country and society without future. The Kurdish question is the most obvious and painful proof of this. The failing policies for Syria are also an indication of this.”

Yet despite all this, said the HDP, “the ruling power is pursuing military operations as it has done since 1983. The attack against the Kurdistan Regional Government with its display of soldiers, helicopters and war paraphernalia is, above all, against international law. It is a clear violation of the sovereignty of a neighboring country. But most importantly, it is an attempt to aggravate problems in order not to have social peace.”

So far, added the HDP, “at least 30 similar operations have been performed for the same purpose. None of them produces solutions, yet all of them contributed to the waste of the country's resources and loss of life.”

The HDP statement continued: “The country has no sons to sacrifice for the ruling power.

The solution to the Kurdish question is not war and military operations, but the development of an environment favouring social reconciliation, dialogue and democratic negotiation. Attacking the hope for peace nourished by the society with military operations is the greatest evil for the future of this country.”

The HDP finally called “upon the government to abandon this misconception and to stop this operation. No one has the right to use war as propaganda before the next Istanbul elections and less to use soldiers’ coffins. Peace and the will of people will prevail.”