HDP Youth Council members tortured in custody

There are reports of torture and threats against 36 HDP activists arrested in Istanbul.

On 8 November, 36 members of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) Youth Council were arrested in Turkey. The activists were referred to court in Istanbul on Monday, when their detention period was extended by another four days.

Torture in room without cameras

One of the HDP Youth Council members in custody is Metin Yılmaz who was tortured after being brought back from court because he refused a strip search. The torture took place in a room without cameras and particular attention was paid not to leave traces on his body. Yılmaz is reported to be having great difficulty walking at the moment.

Taken out of hospital without treatment

Lawyers of the young activists stated that their clients were taken to hospital to assess their health condition and that the handcuffs had been tightened so tightly that bruising occurred. When the activists demanded that these injuries be recorded in the examination report, they said they were thrown out of the treatment room by the doctor. They were taken out of the hospital without the injuries or treatment being recorded. Despite all the warnings, the activists were handcuffed behind the back.