Health workers stage one-day walk out demanding better conditions

The one-day walk out launched by health workers across the country faced obstruction in Mardin because of the governor's ban on "actions and activities".

In line with the decision taken by health organizations to improve the working conditions of health workers, a one-day walk out is taking place across Turkey. In Mardin, one of the cities where the action was planned, health workers left their jobs in hospitals and Family Health Centers. While members and executives of the Health and Social Service Workers Union (SES) Mardin Branch hung banners about the protest on the door of the Mardin Training and Research Hospital, after walking out their jobs, the police demanded the removal of the banners, citing the ban on "actions and activities" issued by Mardin Governorship. There was a discussion as health workers refused to comply with the order.

SES union condemned repression

While the health workers waiting in front of the hospital continue their action, SES Mardin Branch shared a post on its social media account saying: "Mardin Governorship is trying to prevent our ongoing action at Artuklu Eğ. We condemn the oppressive practices of the Mardin Governorship."

Action in Amed 

Amed Health Platform members also joined the walk out. As part of the action in Diyarbakır, health workers made a statement in front of the Selahattin Eyyübi State Hospital.