HEDEP to change party acronym

The Green Left Party (YSP), which ran in the Turkish elections in place of the HDP (threatened to be banned), renamed itself HEDEP in October. The acronym was rejected by the Court of Cassation because it is similar to HADEP, banned twenty years ago.

The acronym of the People's Party for Equality and Democracy, HEDEP, is to be changed following an objection by the Attorney General's Office of the Turkish Court of Cassation. HEDEP spokesperson Ayşegül Doğan announced at a press conference in parliament in Ankara that, although they were preparing to appeal the court's decision, they would change the party acronym to reduce risks ahead of local elections due in March 2024.

The name HEDEP was announced in October as the new name of the Green Left Party (YSP). The General Prosecutor's Office at the Court of Cassation has rejected the use of the acronym HEDEP on the grounds that it is similar to HADEP, which was banned in 2003.

Ayşegül Doğan described the challenge by the Court of Cassation as an "attempt to set a new legal trap before the upcoming local elections." Since HADEP was dissolved twenty years ago, the two parties cannot be confused with each other, therefore, the demand for a change in the acronym unfounded.

The HEDEP spokeswoman accused the Court of Cassation of manipulating the law. The legal process was due to the government's fear of HEDEP's success in the upcoming elections because her party is committed to a democratic model of government without corruption and nepotism. Ayşegül Doğan also reiterated HEDEP's determination and assured that it will not be intimidated despite the legal and political challenges.