Higher number of voters in Switzerland on first day

On the first day, 18,894 people cast their votes in 31 polling stations set up for the presidential election in Switzerland.

Polling stations have been set up in many cities abroad for the second round of the presidential elections to be held in Turkey and Kurdistan on 28 May. People started to cast their votes in 31 polling stations set up in Bern, Geneva and Zurich in Switzerland. As of Sunday evening, 3,662 voters in Bern, 4,830 in Geneva and 10,502 in Zurich had cast their votes, a total of 18,894. On the first day of the first round, 6,232 voters across Switzerland had voted.

There are 105,821 registered voters in Switzerland. The participation rate in the first round was 56.7 per cent.

First round results of the presidential election in Switzerland

Election turnout: 56,7%

Kılıçdaroğlu: 57.61% - 24,827 votes

Erdoğan: 40.3% - 17,368 votes

Muharrem Ince: 0.72% - 310 Votes

Sinan Ogan: 1.37% - 591 Votes

Results of the parliamentary election

Percentage according to alliances

People’s Alliance: 40.97%

Nation Alliance: 28.58%

Labour and Freedom Alliance: 28.05%

Ata Alliance: 0.76%

Socialist Power Union Alliance: 0.41%

Percentage according to parties:

AK Party: 30.3%

CHP: 26.1%

YSP: 24.9%

MHP: 8.5%

TIP: 3.5%

İYİ Party: 2.4%

Other parties 4,3%