HPG: Eight Turkish soldiers killed in Southern Kurdistan

Guerrilla forces continue their actions against the invading Turkish army in Kurdistan territory.

People's Defense Forces (HPG) Press Office released a statement providing details of the most recent actions carried out by guerrilla forces against the Turkish army.

The statement reads as follows:

"Within the scope of the Martyr Pîroz and Martyr Agirî Revolutionary Campaign, our forces have carried out extensive actions against the invading Turkish army. The details of the actions carried out within this scope are as following;

On October 22, at 15.00, our forces targeted a disguised unit of the invading Turkish army positioned near the Lêlîkan Hill in Southern Kurdistan’s Sidakan. Effectively striking the enemy forces in close range, our forces have entered the enemy positions and gone over the bodies of many soldiers. Eight invading soldiers, one of which was a lieutenant, was killed in this action where our forces seized one BKC gun, one MPT-76 gun, one mine detector, one thermal binoculars, and one night binoculars. The invading Turkish army carried away dead and wounded soldiers from the area with the support of Attack-type helicopters following the successful action.

On the same day, at 14.00, our forces carried out an action against the enemy soldiers positioned on the Martyr Bager Hill near the Koordine Hill of Hakkari’s Çelê (Çukurca) district. Four soldiers were killed, and two soldiers were wounded in this action where one heavy weapon position was completely destroyed as a result of effective hits.

Our forces have additionally downed a drone carrying out an exploratory flight around the hill. Following this action, our forces once more carried out a sabotage action against the invading soldiers located in the same area at 17.30 hours. The number of dead and wounded soldiers here could not be determined.

On October 21, at 12.00, our forces carried out an action against the soldiers coming down from the Şikêr Hill of the Bezelê (Aktütün) Outpost in Hakkari’s Şemzînan (Şemdinli) district. One enemy soldier was killed in this action where the enemy unit was put under heavy fire by our forces."