Hunger striker Herêm Mehmud: I'll fast until isolation is lifted

Herêm Mehmud, who has been on hunger strike for 51 days in Germiyan, South Kurdistan, said: “I am determined to continue my fast until isolation is lifted.”

Herêm Mehmud has been on indefinite hunger strike for 51 days demanding the end of isolation against Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan in the town of Kelar in Germiyan.

He is continuing his action with determination despite the deterioration of his health. 

Herêm Mehmud spoke to Rojnews about his health. “I cannot see as much as before - he said - because my eyes weakened. I have difficulty in distinguishing people one from the other. My body is weak and I have trouble standing up. Problems in sugar levels and blood pressure also has begun to appeared.”

Noting that nothing could prevent him from continuing his action, Mehmud added: “I am fasting with strong determination and great morale. I will continue my action until isolation is lifted.”

Many institutions and citizens from the Kurdistan Region are visiting Mehmud to support him. Among the latest visitors was a group of members of the PKK South Kurdistan Martyrs Committee visited Mehmud.