In Bremen racist attacks on Die Linke are increasing

Die Linke strongly condemned the latest attack on the party.

Racist attacks against the Die Linke party in Bremen are gradually increasing, the last act being a suspicious letter sent to the party's deputies office.

Last May, at the elections in Bremen, Die Linke won 11 percent of the votes. In parliament Die Linke joined the coalition government formed by the SPD and the Green Party. Racist attacks against Die Linke have progressively increased, since the first action registered in 2017.

The attacks include the windows of the party's office being broken several times but also threats to the various deputies, especially via social media. 

On 2 January far right groups broke the windows of Die Linke deputies' office. As a result of the attack a 49-year-old man was detained.

The last action was a suspicious letter sent to the deputies' office in Neustadt. Security units were on alert for suspicion that the letter may contain toxic substances. Eventually it was established that the letter contained non-dangerous dust.

Die Linke strongly condemned this latest attack. Deputy Olaf Zimmer and Group President Sofia Leonidakis, said that the increasing attacks showed the dangerous dimensions of racism. The politicians said that the attacks would not intimidate them.