Iraqi elections: Voting starts

There are two days left until the Iraqi parliamentary elections. Security workers and prisoners have started to cast their votes.

In the last two days before the Iraqi parliamentary elections, the Êzidî Democracy and Freedom Party (PADÊ) held a popular meeting in Khanasor as part of the election campaign. Some tasks were distributed for the elections on May 12 in the meeting.

People to be responsible for ballot security on election day in Dihola, Borik, Sinûnê, Khanasor and Shengal were determined.

Diham Şengalî said voter tasking has been made for the PADÊ’s list no.169 and they have held trainings for ballot security.

Security workers, commanders and soldiers, police and peshmerge and prisoners in Iraq and the Kurdistan region are voting for the elections now. Voting will continue until 18.00 today. Voters abroad will be able to vote today in 19 countries, Jordan, Canada, Turkey, Iran, Imarat, Lebanon, Egypt, Denmark, the Netherlands, the UK, Germany, the US, Sweden, Australia, Norway, Nemsa, Finlan, Belgium and New Zealand.

There are 943.000 people eligible to vote in the first phase of the Iraqi elections, and 179.000 of them are in the Kurdistan region.

1079 voting centers have been set up in Iraq and the Kurdistan region for voters to cast their votes today.

Meanwhile, journalists who wanted to cover the security forces voting throughout the morning were not allowed.