Italian director Argentieri dedicates award to brave people of Northern and Eastern Syria

Italian director Benedetta Argentieri dedicated the award she won at the 32nd Cologne Film Festival to the “brave people of Northern and Eastern Syria."

Italian director Benedetta Argentieri received the Phoenix Award at the 32nd Cologne Film Festival for her documentary "The Matchmaker".

Speaking at the award ceremony, Argentieri said: "Kurds, Arabs, Assyrians and women are building a new society based on democracy, ecology and women's freedom in Northern and Eastern Syria. This new society is slowly developing, but we all learn from it. They fought against ISIS. They stood against the ISIS caliphate in  Europe. It has not been easy for the Autonomous Administration of Northern and Eastern Syria, especially in an environment where the Turkish state is killing people, especially women, with drones. We must never forget. We have to remember this and defend the project that will change the Middle East and bring peace after all these wars. That's why this award goes to the brave people out there."