Jelpke: Turkey is de facto the air force of the ISIS

German politician Ulla Jelpke calls for participation in the protests against the Turkish attacks on Southern Kurdistan and calls Turkey the de facto "Air Force of the ISIS".

German left-wing MP Ulla Jelpke condemned Turkey's attacks on Maxmur, Shengal and the Medya Defense Zones and called on the German government to stop all support for the AKP regime.

In a statement published today on last night’s massive aerial bombardments by the Turkish state, Jelpke said the following:

"Again the Turkish army bombs Kurdish refugees, the Yazidi settlement areas and other areas in northern Iraq. I call on the German government to immediately stop all support for the Erdoğan regime, in particular the arms supplies, and to break its silence in the face of the attacks, which are contrary to international law. In Germany, too, it is now necessary to take to the streets and protest loudly against the Turkish war of aggression and the German government's complicity with the warmongers in Ankara.

"We also strongly condemn attacks on Kurdish freedom fighters"

The MEP further said: "The Maxmur refugee camp and the Yazidi settlement areas in Shengal were the main targets of the terrorist organization ISIS. The fact that Turkey now also bombs these targets makes the Turkish army the de facto air force of ISIS. Any support for such a regime must be withdrawn. But the renewed attacks on the Kurdish freedom fighters must also be condemned in the strongest terms. The Turkish state cannot defeat the Kurdish freedom fight militarily - the last 40 years have clearly shown this. Instead, peace negotiations must take place and a political solution must be found, otherwise this war will drag on for decades and cause further unspeakable suffering.”