Jinen Tirejen Roje targets ‘fascists’ in three cities

Jinen Tirejen Roje Initiative announced that they targeted fascists in Istanbul, Kırklareli and Kocaeli provinces in response to the racist attacks against the Kurds.

The Jinen Tirejen Roje Initiative said, “Our units carried out multiple actions in response to the threats and attacks against Kurdish people. As far as the attacks continue, we will enhance our reprisal actions.”

According to the statement;

The Initiative set fire to a boat belonging to “fascists” in Istanbul-Büyükçekmece on July 26. The boat was rendered entirely unusable.

On July 27, a two-storey restaurant belonging to “fascists and rapists” in Lüleburgaz district of Kırklareli was burnt to ashes.

In Çayırova district of Kocaeli, units of the Initiative stopped a truck carrying textile products, which belonged to the fascist Osmanlı Ocakları [Ottoman Hearts] on July 28. The fascist person inside the truck was “punished” and truck was burned and rendered unusable.