Justice Vigil by HDP deputies against Imrali isolation ends on its 32nd day

The Justice Vigil launched by HDP deputies against the Imrali isolation ended on its 32nd day.

The Justice Vigil, promoted by the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) deputies against the isolation imposed on Kurdish people’s Abdullah Öcalan and demanding the granting of visits with his lawyers, ended today on its 32nd day.

The deputies made a statement in the garden of the Parliament with the signs that read "Let the law be enforced in Imrali" and "Isolation is a crime against humanity".

Deputies Gülistan Kılıç Koçyiğit, Ali Kenanoğlu, Muazzez Orhan, Kemal Bülbül, Abdullah Koç, Dilan Dirayet Taşdemir, Ayşe Driver, Kemal Peköz, Rıdvan Turan and Hüseyin Kaçmaz, were present at the vigil.

The Vigil ends today

HDP Group Deputy Chair, Saruhan Oluç, said that today was the last day of the Justice Vigil. He added: "There is no other example in the world similar to the isolation imposed on Imrali. Isolation is not only the prevention of visits by lawyers, family and phone calls, but it is also the point where the law is reset. Isolation is also a part of the policy of eliminating the democratic gains gained by the Kurdish people through the policies implemented by this government."

Isolation is now an international issue

Oluç said that the "whole world public opinion is discussing this isolation which the Ministry of Justice says does not exist.

775 lawyers registered to 29 international bar associations applied to the Bursa Chief Public Prosecutor's Office to visit Imrali on 10-17 June. No answer was given. Then, under the leadership of the European Union of Lawyers for Democracy and World Human Rights on 14 August, 350 lawyers from 22 countries applied for a visit, but again no response was received.

Finally, we know that 756 lawyers from Morocco, Palestine, Kurdistan Region, Iraq, Lebanon, Egypt, Northern and Eastern Syria and Jordan applied to the Ministry of Justice for a visit. In other words, over 2,000 lawyers from more than 30 countries in the world applied to visit Imrali. No response was given. The issue has become an international issue."

Mr. Öcalan wants no privilege, just law

Oruç continued: "Mr. Öcalan does not want any privileges. He said, 'I want law, not privilege'. We also want law, not privileges, every time we apply for a visit. We want the law to be implemented.

After 32 days, we ended the Justice Watch. As of 6 February, we will start the 'We Walk to Imralı for Solution' march and activities, starting from Yüksekova and Kızıltepe. Because this illegal situation must end as soon as possible and negotiations must be held. We call on the Ministry once again. Make sure the law works. Respond to the applications made.”