JXK visits "Coloured Rain" in Mainz

Members of the Kurdish student association JXK visited the activists of "Coloured Rain" in Mainz and exchanged views with them about the situation of refugees in Europe and Kurdistan.

Members of the "Association of Studying Women from Kurdistan" (JXK) visited the activists of "Coloured Rain" at Gutenbergplatz in Mainz, Germany to show solidarity and to draw attention to the situation in the Maxmur refugee camp in Southern Kurdistan. The camp, in which 12,000 people from Northern Kurdistan live, has been sealed off from the outside world for about ten months by the South Kurdistan ruling party KDP, which is cooperating with the Turkish state, and is in a precarious situation. The JXK activists informed those present and distributed leaflets on the subject.

The activists of "Coloured Rain" went on hunger strike in Landau just a month ago in order to enforce the reception of refugees from the Greek camps in Germany.