Kars: We are proud of our mayor

After the arrest of the co-mayor of the city of Kars, the inhabitants of the city gather in front of his house and shout "This city is proud of you". They are protesting against the arrest of the HDP politician Ayhan Bilgen.

In the morning hours the Turkish police arrested dozens of people under the pretext of their participation in the Kobanê protests in 2014. Among those arrested was Ayhan Bilgen, the co-mayor of the city of Kars on the Armenian border. After the arrest of Bilgen, people flocked to the mayor's house and shouted: "This city is proud of you" and "shoulder to shoulder against fascism". The police had searched Bilgen's apartment and brought him to the police station. Afterwards it is expected that he will be brought to Ankara.

The arrest of the co-mayor of Kars also threatens the removal from office and the appointment of trustee in his place. The HDP had won in 65 cities and municipalities in March 2019. However, one city after another was placed under trustee administration, so that the municipalities still under HDP administration can be counted on one hand.