KCDK-E and PYD Europe call for protests against Turkey’s massacres in Kurdistan

“The occupying army of the genocidal Turkish state is committing massacres in Kurdistan. We call for democratic reaction and active solidarity,” said the KCDK-E and PYD Europe in the face of the increasingly ongoing attacks on Kurdish lands.


The Congress of Democratic Societies of European Kurdistan (KCDK-E) and the Democratic Union Party (PYD) Office in Europe released a written statement about the escalated attacks of the Turkish state against North-East Syria, which have already resulted in deaths and injuries since yesterday.

“In these days when the people in North and East Syria are preparing for elections to take more place in democratic governance, genocidal attacks against the civilian population have accelerated,” said the statement and continued:

“It is not a coincidence that the attacks aimed at genocide, siege and occupation by directly targeting the civilian population and residential areas, coincide with the upcoming 11 June elections. With the aggression, it is sought to break the will of the people and to frustrate all the gains of the Rojava revolution.

This attack is directed against the right of all peoples living in North and East Syria, especially the Kurdish people, to live in a free and democratic environment. It is aimed to prevent the people of the region from determining their own will through democratic elections. These attacks, which are taking place in front of the eyes of the world, are carried out with the approval of international powers. The realisation of democracy through elections that will affect the whole of Syria is being prevented.

This endeavour to prevent the development of democratic will throughout Syria will not be able to break the will of the peoples of North and East Syria.

On 31 May, four fighters were martyred and 11 civilians were wounded in the attacks carried out by the occupying Turkish state against civilian settlements with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.

Dictator Erdoğan announced in a statement that they would not allow the elections to be held on 11 June and do anything necessary to prevent it. The Turkish state and dictator Erdoğan, who finances the barbaric ISIS gang, providing all support, including logistics, and terrorising the Kurdistan geography with terror, will be frustrated.

Against the genocidal attacks of the Turkish state, it is our main duty to increase solidarity with the Autonomous Administration that is shaped by the will of the people in North and East Syria. We call for everyone’s active solidarity to ensure strong participation in the upcoming elections and for the growth of democratic will throughout Syria.

We call on our people living in Europe to solidarise with the peoples of North and East Syria against the terrorist attacks of the genocidal Turkish state, to protect the gains of the Rojava revolution, to expose the bloody face of the dictator Erdoğan everywhere, and to increase the democratic reaction with actions and protests.”