KCDK-E announces 'Week of resistance against colonialism'

KCDK-E has issued a program of mobilisation for the week to protest against the Turkish attacks on Maxmur, Medya Defense Areas and Shengal.

The KCDK-E co-presidential board announced that it has declared "a week of anger and resistance against colonialism".

The statement said that next week will be “a week of continuous and uninterrupted actions to protest the Turkish attacks, with the slogan 'Everywhere Kurdistan, everywhere resistance.'

The program is as follows:

-Evening actions in all areas at 6 pm every day during the week of anger against the genocide attacks carried out by the Turkish government. Coordinated one-week action planning of all Assemblies and components

- On Tuesday, youth-led democratic actions in all areas

- On Wednesday, organising the participation of internationalists and friends and delivery to all parliaments and institutions of leaflets explaining the attacks and policies of the Turkish state

- Thursday and Friday, mass actions in all cities to be held at 18 pm

- At the week end, mass action at the level of countries, states and fields in all European countries, Canada and Australia, together with democratic forces union, Kurdistan national union institutions and international friends

- On Wednesday, march with the participation of people of Hannover and its surroundings under the organised by the Yazidi community

- On Saturday, march and rally in Bremen with the participation of the activists joining the march from Oldenburg- Bremen